Naturally Whitening Foods

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naturally whitening foods

Most patients are aware of the tooth whitening process that can be obtained at any cosmetic dentistry location. Teeth whitening is great for achieving a brighter and whiter smile, and the process is usually quick. But are there ways to whiten your teeth naturally? Can a tooth whitening specialist offer a list of naturally whitening foods that you can use to whiten your teeth at home? Our Walnut Creek dentists did some research, and here are the pleasing results.


The texture of apples allows the teeth to be cleaned and scrubbed naturally. A part of this cleaning process is the ability to wipe away any staining bacteria that may have been left behind on your teeth.


Broccoli adds a boost of vitamins and naturals to the mouth, making it one of the best naturally whitening foods. Broccoli florets can scrub the teeth as well, cleaning it of bacteria that may be left behind.


Carrots produce saliva, due to their high water content. The production of saliva is essential for the removal of harmful bacteria.


Cheese strengthens the teeth through its production of calcium, helping to fortify your mouth against harmful invaders. The food is also natural light, with little to no pigments. This can help keep your teeth from staining.

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are also good at scrubbing the teeth, especially when they are textured in all shapes and sizes. This can help reduce some stains and keep new stains from forming.

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After looking at some of the best naturally whitening foods, you can visit us at Pope Dental for a list of cosmetic dentistry options. Our Walnut Creek dentists are happy to give you more teeth whitening information! Give us a call at (925) 939-4989 to set an appointment, or contact us online!