Benefits of Invisalign®

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benefits of invisalign

Explore the Many Benefits of Invisalign®

Do you hide your smile? Often, even when a smile is perfectly healthy, it can be something that you conceal. This is often due to the simple fact that your smile is not properly aligned. Gaps, widely spaced, overlapping and even crooked teeth can lead you to feel extremely self-conscious about your otherwise perfect teeth and gums. This is why the many benefits of Invisalign may be the solution needed and why Dr. Scott Pope encourages patients to visit our Walnut Creek, CA to learn more about Invisalign.

Traditionally, when a patient requires straightening of their teeth, their options are fairly limited. Classic braces, which are not appealing to most adults, or cosmetic options like veneers can be workable solutions. However, the benefits of Invisalign include the simple fact that they give the same results as traditional braces, without all of the uncomfortable and unsightly wires. They also offer a superior answer over veneers for those who do not want to alter their natural teeth.

Many patients describe their Invisalign trays as clear braces because they slowly shift and readjust the position of the teeth. They do so covertly, and few people will even realize you are wearing the appliances. Naturally, the benefits of Invisalign go far beyond privacy and discretion.

While cosmetic dentistry is often the underlying reason that patients seek orthodontics such as Invisalign or clear braces, the benefits of Invisalign also include:

They allow you and our dentists to clean your teeth and gums fully. Teeth are properly spaced, allowing you to prevent the development of decay or gum disease through easier cleaning. Another of the key benefits of Invisalign is that they align the teeth properly. This can eliminate the risks of conditions like TMJ or bruxism, as well as uneven wear and tear.

Even additional cosmetic treatments benefit from the use of Invisalign because they allow treatments such as teeth whitening to reach all surfaces of the individual teeth. Taking around two years at the most to complete, they are a fast and efficient way to improve the looks and health of your bright smile.

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The benefits of Invisalign are surprising to some, and they offer you much more than a perfectly straight smile. If you have questions regarding the benefits of Invisalign, give us a call at our Walnut Creek, CA office at (925) 939-4989. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.