Gingival Depigmentation

Call Your Walnut Creek Dentist & Stop Struggling With Dark Gums

It may come as something of a surprise, but people with otherwise healthy teeth struggle with dark gums and discoloration. This condition, known as gingival hyperpigmentation or gingival pigmentation, often negatively impacts a person’s beautiful smile. Feeling self-conscious about a dark area under a tooth often results in people not expressing happiness with a natural smile.

At Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek in Walnut Creek, California, our team of experienced professionals understands the effects of dark gums. That’s why we provide a treatment free of pain that delivers the quality of life smile relief our community members deserve.

What You Need To Know About Dark Gums

It’s essential to understand that gingival pigmentation occurs naturally in many people. The black or brown splotches that detract from healthy teeth may be the result of excess melanin production. Melanin supports the natural color of hair, skin, and eyes in the body. People with darker skin pigmentation tend to be more prone to dark gums. However, long-term smoking and some medications can result in this gum condition.

Most instances of dark gums are typically tied to genetics in some fashion. Because most are not related to an unnatural underlying cause, outpatient treatment does not require invasive procedures. Our dentistry practice provides gingival depigmentation that improves your smile.

Do You Need Gingival Depigmentation Dental Treatment?

Healthy gums usually present as a pale pink color. This coloration may change over time or suddenly if something unnatural affects the gums. If your gums gradually become dark over years, gingival depigmentation treatment could be just a matter of maintaining a vibrant smile. Controlled bleaching and laser-related treatments remain the prevalent way to reverse dark gums. The following rank among the top benefits of gingival depigmentation.

  • Results In More Uniform Gum Coloration
  • Requires No Invasive Surgery
  • Dental Patients Do Not Experience Pain During The Process
  • Healing Times Generally Fast

Many people can have the treatment done in the morning and return to work in the afternoon. It’s also crucial to understand that dark gums could be a telltale sign of a significant condition that requires prompt treatment.

Call Your Trusted Walnut Creek Dentist Office

Dr. Scott Pope brings nearly three decades of experience to Walnut Creek and his commitment to dentistry garnered the trust of community members. If you or a loved one noticed dark spots appearing under a tooth, the importance of a dental examination cannot be understated. Contact Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek and schedule an examination today.

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