Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

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There are many reasons why someone may be averse to the idea of metal braces. They are uncomfortable even at the best of times, and they do not look professional or attractive to many people. They can also make it harder to maintain good oral health, something that concerns us as your dentist in Walnut Creek. That is why we offer clear aligner clear braces, among many other reasons. Learn the pros and cons of clear aligners today.

Clear Aligners Cons

There are some downsides to clear aligners. They do require that you are careful to maintain a good hygiene routine. You must wash the braces and brush your teeth before reinserting them, every single time you take them out. They also require very careful cleaning if you want them to remain truly invisible.

Clear aligner braces are not good for all types of orthodontic issues. If your teeth need to be moved vertically, or if you need to rotate certain teeth into place, clear aligners cannot help.

Clear Aligners Pros

Of all the pros and cons of clear aligners, these benefits are what routinely convince cosmetic dentistry patients in Walnut Creek to give clear braces a try.

  • Clear aligner braces are more attractive because they are invisible.
  • Clear aligner braces allow you to maintain better oral health, and your chances of infection are reduced.
  • Clear aligner braces do not affect your tooth root in any way, which can happen when you have meta braces.
  • Clear aligner braces do not cause pain the way metal braces can and do. Each alignment step is very slight, so you barely feel the pressure, and you never have to worry about a metal wire poking you in the cheek.

We think that clear aligner braces are a better option for those who qualify based on these pros and cons of clear aligner.

Learn More from Your Clear Aligner Specialist in Walnut Creek

Do you want to know even more pros and cons of clear aligners? Contact Coliseum Dental Walnut Creekl at our Walnut Creek office at 925-939-4989, or online right here.

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