Teeth Whitening Aftercare

Teeth Whitening Aftercare

teeth whitening aftercare

One of the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedures in Walnut Creek is teeth whitening. Our patients love to have lighter smiles. Teeth whitening is a fast process that does not require anything invasive or painful. We only have to apply a whitening gel to your teeth, and then use a blue light to activate the hydrogen peroxide. This breaks down the pigment that is staining the teeth, so you are left with a lighter smile and nothing else. Here is what you need to know about teeth whitening aftercare:

Teeth Whitening Aftercare in Walnut Creek

The biggest concern after a teeth whitening is to maintain good oral hygiene, and follow the instructions from your cosmetic dentist about using the product at home. Depending on the type of product used, your dentist may recommend that you avoid dark liquids or foods for the first day or two after the process, to avoid staining.

Some people do experience sensitive teeth after teeth whitening for the first 24 to 48 hours. This should not last beyond a few days, but if you experience long-term sensitivity, sore gums, or see any white patches on the gum line following a whitening procedure, you should come back to your dentist’s office in Walnut Creek.

You May Need a Return Visit

To do a true tooth whitening process, you may need to have the procedure repeated over the course of three to four weeks. During this time, a custom mouth guard is used to ensure that every part of your smile is addressed. Then a teeth whitening specialist here in Walnut Creek will do the first treatment and walk you through how to continue the process at your own home.

Learn More from Your Dentist in Walnut Creek

Teeth whitening aftercare is not hard, but it does take dedication to a routine more than anything. It is important because it can make your whitening procedure last much longer. Contact us today at Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek online or call our Walnut Creek office at 925-939-4989 to learn more.

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