Integrative Dental Care

We understand that your mouth is connected to your body. Research is proving time and time again that diseases of the mouth can cause or be caused by problems with the rest of your body. At your dental appointment we take the time to identify your individual needs and take preventative steps to prevent oral disease.

Consequences of Skipping Your Cleaning

At each cleaning appointment, not only do you leave with sparkling teeth, but your whole oral health is evaluated! Our dental health providers are trained to recognize oral health concerns and how they relate to your whole body health. We exam your oral tissue for signs of system disease or cancer. Your jaw function and bite effects are evaluated. We determine your risk for cavities, sleep apnea, and gum disease. Our oral environments are always changing depending on what we are eating, who we are kissing, what diseases we have been diagnosed with or what stress we are going through. We have seen dramatic changes in oral ecosystems in just a few months. So if you skip just one cleaning, we sometimes unable to catch these signs until it is too late!

Oral Cancer Exam

At Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek, we realize the importance of the oral-systemic connection. At each examination, our doctors and hygienists take time to examine your mouth to look for signs of system disease such as cancer or autoimmune issues. If signs of disease are noted, we work with diagnostic tools or therapies in our office such as lasers or medications. For more complex issues, we refer to our network of specialists in the health community to find the root cause and proper treatment options.


Cavities are caused by bacteria, lifestyle habits, genetics, and systemic diseases. Each patient is screened at dental exams to determine their risk for cavities. Depending on a patient’s risk, we work with patients to determine the best ways to lower their risk depending on their individual needs.


Our office takes pride in our work. We choose dental materials that are biocompatible, esthetic and free from toxins such as BPA. Many of our restorative materials are bioactive. These material store minerals from food and toothpaste to release to the surrounding teeth throughout the day. This helps to prevent future tooth decay in these teeth.

For those who have a history of sensitivity to materials, our office offers specialized sensitivity testing before restorative procedures.

Dr. Audrey Mojica is certified to removed amalgam fillings safely with the SMART protocol by the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Amalgam fillings contain mercury which is a known toxin. We use special precautions at our office to minimize exposure to these mercury molecules during dental appointments.

Periodontal Disease

Gum disease is a usually silent disease if left untreated leads to systemic inflammation and chronic disease. Gum disease (periodontal disease) is caused by many factors including your family history, microbes, presence of plaque, health concerns and habits such as smoking. Research has shown links between periodontal disease and many systemic diseases and issues including Alzheimer’s disease (learn more), heart, and arterial disease, complications with pregnancy, diabetes and cancer. Eventually if left untreated, tooth loss will occur. Knowing this, our dental team takes the evaluation of your gum health seriously. Our evaluation includes careful measuring of your oral tissues and Xrays to determine signs of bone loss due to inflammation. Sometimes salivary testing is used as a diagnostic tool as well. Treatments are individualized to each patient’s needs and can include, non-surgical gum therapy, placement of medicines in the mouth, medical rinses for home use or laser therapy in the office. Many times, patients with chronic gum disease will need to come into the office more frequently for periodontal evaluations and removal of plaque.

Sleep Apnea Screening

Sleep apnea has become a major health care concern among adults and children. If left untreated, sleep apnea can contribute to many health concerns such as heart disease, stroke, attention disorders, depression and mood changes, sexual dysfunction, and diabetes. At our office, we screen each patient for potential signs of sleep disorders. Signs that we may see at our office include but are not limited to health history findings, mouth or tongue shape, sleepiness during a dental exam or worn teeth from grinding. If signs are noted, our sleep monitor can be taken home for an easy nighttime sleep screening that will tell physicians about nighttime breathing patterns and determine the best treatment.

Biological, Natural & Holistic Dentistry

The science of dentistry has evolved over the years to include more invasive activities — but is this truly better for your health? Integrative dentistry provides you with the holistic approach to dentistry that keeps the balance between your body and your mouth in mind. When you visit our Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek office, you will feel the difference in each procedure. Our approach is to make your trip to the dentist include the most biologically natural solutions for caring for the teeth and mouth.


Did you know that crowded teeth and bite problems can often be prevented? The habits we form when we are young can cause our jaws, teeth and airway to form improperly and lead us to braces or surgery. HealthyStart is a preventative way to help your child’s jaw, teeth and airway develop properly by using oral appliances as a growth guide and habit corrector. Give your child a healthy start! For more information or parent webinars, see thehealthystart.com.

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