Porcelain Bridges

Achieve a Better-Than-Ever Smile with Porcelain Bridges

Porcelain bridges is just one treatment we can provide to Walnut Creek patients at Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek, if they are missing a series of teeth. The function of a dental bridge is described in its name: It provides a “bridge” to fill in a gap where the patient is missing one or more teeth. We’re standing by at Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek to discuss the best relief for your smile needs!

Benefits of a Porcelain Dental Bridge

There are several types of dental bridges made of different materials. One obvious advantage of porcelain bridges is that they can be color-matched to your existing teeth. Here are some other benefits for this dental treatment:

  • Eliminates pain or discomfort from trying to chew food with missing teeth.
  • Prevents your remaining teeth from drifting.
  • Eliminates facial distortion that can result from missing teeth.
  • Same color and texture as natural tooth enamel.
  • Restores proper bite force and prevents surrounding teeth from cracking.
  • Gives you back that perfectly restored smile and confidence!

How Your Dentist Performs a Porcelain Bridge Procedure

Performing this cosmetic dentistry procedure usually requires two visits. During the first appointment, the dentist will examine your teeth and discuss your smile goals. Some preparatory work will then be done so that your teeth can receive the porcelain bridge.

The teeth that will be next to the bridge — called the abutments — will be prepared for dental crowns that secure the bridge. At the end of this first visit, your dentist will install a temporary bridge, which will remain in place while your permanent porcelain bridge is fashioned.

During the second follow-up visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is installed. A few final adjustments will be made to ensure that the bridge fits perfectly. You may also be asked to come back for another visit, just to ensure that everything remains fixed in place.

One last thing to note: Porcelain bridges are not permanent. They can last at least five years before needing to be replaced, but if your bridge is well cared for, it can last for up to 15 years.

Call Coliseum Dental Walnut Creek about Porcelain Bridges Today!

If you’re missing a tooth or several teeth, a porcelain bridge might be the perfect treatment to restore your smile. Call our office at 925-939-4989 to schedule an appointment, or Contact Us here through the website for more information.

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