Benefits of TMJ Treatment

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benefits of TMJ treatment

Learn about the Benefits of TMJ Treatment

To best understand the many benefits of TMJ Treatment, it requires a bit of background about the condition itself. In our Walnut Creek, CA office, our dentists offer our patients the kind of useful information and details about TMJ or TMD to ensure they understand the importance of having it treated.

What is it? If you open and close your mouth, you use the temporomandibular joints or TMJs. They are what allow us to move our jaws in so many ways. Opened and closed, side to side, and even chewing movements are due to this complex joint. Thus, if something happens to the TMJ, it can become extremely challenging and limiting.

Some signs of the condition that dentists use to diagnose it include the presence of jaw stiffness or pain, popping or clicking with use of the joint, or even having it lock into position are warning signs. If you do have such issues, the benefits of TMJ treatment cannot be ignored.  Consider what you will gain when you seek diagnosis and treatment.

You reduce or even eliminate the risk for damage to the teeth. Those with TMJ or TMD unconsciously clench the teeth or close their mouths with teeth out of alignment. This can easily lead to serious damage.

You eliminate the discomfort of this chronic condition. Many with TMJ wake in the morning with sore teeth and joints in the face. They may have serious headaches, neck pain, and even shoulder or upper back pain because of the clenching muscles. That is why one of the best benefits of TMJ Treatment is that it ends the pain.

You feel better and enjoy an improvement in your mood. Many patients fail to recognize how unhappy they are with their oral pain. One of the immediate benefits of TMJ Treatment is that the pain and its effects on you will come to an end.

Your overall health improves. Though another of the big benefits of TMJ treatment is that your ears cease to ring (a condition known as tinnitus, and one common to those with TMJ), but your overall health gets a boost too. For instance, the daily rounds of fatigue, headache, lousy sleep, and even more harmful issues like sleep disorder or IBS are ended with proper treatment.

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