Treating Gummy Smiles and Short Teeth

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When you smile, how much of your upper teeth show?  Does it seem that you show more of your gum tissue or do your teeth appear shorter or smaller than normal?  You may have too much gum tissue covering your teeth.  This can often times be easily corrected by crown lengthening.  This dental treatment involves recontouring the gum tissue and in some cases, the underlying bone that surrounds one or more teeth.

Crown lengthening may be used to enhance a patient’s smile in several ways.  For example, the procedure may be used to improve the appearance of a “gummy” smile where the teeth appear too short.  The teeth may be the proper length, but too much gum tissue covers them.  In some cases, the gumline is uneven, which can make the teeth appear irregular.  By re-shaping and leveling out the gum tissue and occasionally small areas of bone, we can create symmetry with the teeth, resulting in a pleasing, healthy smile.

Crown lengthening is a minimally invasive procedure requiring only one visit that can create dramatic results.  Contact our office for a consultation to discuss the cosmetic options available to enhance your smile.