Why Professional Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creek is the Perfect Holiday Gift to Give

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professional teeth whitening in Walnut Creek

There’s nothing quite like the holiday season with the warm fires, delicious baked goods, and cinnamon aromas in the air. However, gift shopping can be quite stressful. What do you get your loved ones for the holidays? Sometimes the answer can be right in front of you without even knowing it. What about gifts related to dentistry? You can gift an electric toothbrush, or perhaps a cosmetic dentistry treatment like professional teeth whitening. Pope Dental in Walnut Creek can provide professional teeth whitening as the perfect gift this holiday season. Give your loved one the gift of a beautiful smile. Find out why a professional tooth whitening is a perfect gift to give for the holidays.

Professional Teeth Whitening Requires Healthy Teeth

One of the top reasons you should gift professional teeth whitening to someone you love is because the treatment requires healthy teeth to begin with. If one of your family members has been neglecting their dental health a bit, they will be given a reality check with the dentist when they visit for their teeth whitening. Although we want you to have a beautiful smile, we first and foremost want it to be healthy. During your visit with us, we will give you a dental exam to look for signs of cavities, decay or gum disease. If we find anything wrong, we will recommend that you have this taken care of before you receive your tooth whitening gift.

If you already have a healthy smile, when we give you the teeth whitening treatment you will notice how beautiful your smile looks. In order to maintain this beautiful smile, you will feel more encouraged to take better care of your teeth at home. This means you will floss and brush your teeth more regularly as well as visit us for dental exams to maintain your beautiful smile! So by giving teeth whitening as a gift, you are also giving your loved one the gift of dental health.

Professional Teeth Whitening Looks Great

If you’re not sure if you should give teeth whitening as a gift, you should know that it looks great. If you gift your loved ones exercise equipment, makeup or skin products to look great, why not give them a whiter smile? Professional teeth whitening is the perfect gift because it looks great. People automatically notice a person’s smile first, so by whitening your loved one’s teeth, their smile will look even better! You can expect nothing less than professional results from our dentist in Walnut Creek. Professional teeth whitening is customized for every patient to meet their goals. With our professional products and supervision of our cosmetic dentist, the patient is able to achieve beautiful results that you can’t find from any boxed teeth whitening product from the store.

Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creek is Fast and Easy

Professional teeth whitening is not a long procedure. If you’re worried that your loved one wouldn’t like professional teeth whitening as a gift because they don’t have time for it, think again. With our in-office teeth whitening treatment, our patients can visit us during their lunch break and leave with a smile that is up to 8 shades lighter. If they prefer to whiten on their own time, they can take home our whitening kit to complete over the course of two weeks. We have these two different options to work with our patient’s schedules and preferences. There’s always time in someone’s schedule for a whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening Can Boost Your Confidence

Boosting someone’s self-confidence is a gift that keeps giving. When you give professional teeth whitening in Walnut Creek as a gift this holiday season, you are giving your loved one a brighter and whiter smile that will keep them smiling with confidence throughout the rest of the year. Who knows, that white smile might help them gain the confidence to ask for a raise at work, or to ask out their crush on a date. Increased self-confidence is a great feeling so why not help someone achieve it?

Teeth Whitening Can Give You a Picture Perfect Smile for 2019

Whether your loved one has a lot of events coming up in 2019 or not, it’s never a bad thing to have a picture perfect smile. When you have a bright, white smile, you will want nothing more than to pose in front of the camera during every event. Since professional teeth whitening lasts so long, your loved one will be smiling with their glowing white smile all year round.

Professional Teeth Whitening is Worth It

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t buy over the counter teeth whitening products and why teeth deserve professional teeth whitening instead. It’s completely worth it to give your loved one professional teeth whitening as a gift this holiday season for many reasons. For one, the results will be beautiful because the dentist is giving them. In addition, your loved one won’t have to worry about potentially damaging their teeth in the process. They will also be in control of how white their teeth end up. With over the counter whitening products, you have little to no control over what the results will be. When you give the gift of professional teeth whitening, you are giving your loved one top-quality cosmetic dentistry and results.

Schedule Your Gift for Teeth Whitening in Walnut Creek Today

If you think teeth whitening might be the perfect gift for your loved one, schedule their cosmetic dentistry appointment with us in Walnut Creek today. Our dentist will need to verify that they have healthy teeth prior to giving them the tooth whitening treatment. We look forward to giving your loved one a beautiful and white smile yearlong with this ideal holiday gift.