Meet Cenia

Dental Nurse Practitioner for the last 20 years. I’ve participated in dental volunteer work and I’m currently instructing dental basic classes to beginner dental personnel.

I was born in the coast of Honduras, Central America, my family moved to California about 35 years ago. I graduated Mcaater high school in San Francisco in 1998 Immediately after that I registered to City College in San Francisco and at same time to a Vocational school named Bryman College which is where I got my first dental personnel certification.

Mother of 2 Adults -2 females-1 Female, graduated from Cal State Hayward and recently got married and moved residency to Las Vegas NV & daughter -2 also graduated high school and is currently assisting Chabot College in Hayward just like I once did. -2-Giselle is planning to pursue graphic design.

I hope to one day meet the great new generation from them.

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