Anesthetic on and off switches

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Dental anesthetics have come a long way in the last 10 years and have made some giant improvements in the last few. We now have the ability to provide painless injections that take effect immediately without waiting 15 minutes or more for the numbness to kick in. We can also shorten the duration of the numbness in half, so that by the time you get back to your daily life, the effects of the anesthetic are gone. An on/off switch to improve the quality and comfort of your dental visit.

The On Switch: The Onset System by Onpharma is designed to buffer the anesthetic prior to injection.  What does this mean to the patient?  Dental anesthetic is very acidic, often causing stinging and discomfort upon injection – similar to the feeling of lemon juice on an open cut.  Because the anesthetic is normally acidic when injected, it is not effective until our body’s tissue has raised the pH, which can take up to 15 minutes or more.  And for some patients, their tissue may not  have the capacity to raise the pH of the anesthetic enough to get adequately numb, resulting in more shots.

The Onset System buffers the anesthetic prior to injection matching the perfect pH balance in the body, resulting in a pain-free  injection! Already being at the ideal pH, this also makes the anesthetic about 3000 times more effective, resulting in instantaneous numbness and shorter visits.  We have had great success with the Onset System and our patients love it.

The Off Switch: Oraverse is the first and only local anesthetic reversal agent that accelerates a return to normal sensation and function.  It allows patients to speak, smile and drink normally sooner.

The mechanism of action is phentolamine mesylate, which is a vasodilator, thus enabling faster uptake by the bloodstream of the local anesthetic and thus, a shorter duration of symptoms.

So if you want the feeling back twice as fast, ask for Oraverse during your dental visit!