Benefits of Dental Crowns

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benefits of dental crowns

Learning about the Benefits of Dental Crowns

When considering the benefits of dental crowns, many patients just think of them as the finishing touch to a dental implant or as part of the process of treating tooth decay. However, they are far more than that and Dr. Scott Pope encourages patients in our Walnut Creek, CA office to learn about the many benefits of dental crowns in order to help them make the best treatment decisions.

If you consider why dentists use dental crowns, you learn that they use them when they are replacing an overly large filling that has caused too much damage to the original crown. They use dental crowns as a form of restorative dentistry when they have done a root canal. They use dental crowns to top a dental implant, and they use them when doing standard fillings on decayed teeth.

Clearly this demonstrates that there are many benefits of dental crowns, but let’s also consider the lesser known benefits that come from the use of dental crowns as part of restorative dentistry and general dentistry.

They prevent discomfort. When a tooth has been damaged, has severely decayed or has needed restorative work, a large amount of the original crown is gone. Simply filling it or using an inlay or onlay may allow for extreme sensitivity and discomfort in the future. The crown reduces such risks, and eliminates the threat of further discomfort from issue like heat or cold sensitivity.

They are made specifically for your mouth and bite. Designed specifically to protect the tooth, one of the key benefits of dental crowns is that they also preserve your natural, original bite. This ensures your jaws remain in perfect alignment and that the color of the crown is a match to your existing teeth!

They are relatively easy to make and properly place. Technologies have advanced to the point that some dentists can make your crowns while you wait. Even when sent to a lab, the crowns are often ready in a matter of days and are easily and painlessly bonded to the tooth with a quick office visit.

They are durable. Classic fillings and other forms of restorative dentistry may not stand up to the wear and tear of time. One of the main benefits of dental crowns is that they can withstand the rigors of daily chewing, brushing, flossing and even teeth grinding without succumbing the way that other treatments can and do.

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