Dental Implants

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dental implants

Thanks to major advances in dental care and technology over the past decades, a lot of children today will never experience a cavity and they may never need to have a tooth extracted due to extensive decay and infection. However, accidents do still happen and sometimes people lose teeth due to trauma or injury, as well as decay. It’s good to know, that you have a wonderful option available to you with dental implants at Pope Dental in Walnut Creek, CA.

If you have otherwise healthy teeth and gums, adequate bone mass in your jaw and you do not suffer from a condition that precludes getting implants, in just a few short months you could have a fully functioning and attractive prosthetic tooth (or teeth) in place of your missing tooth (or teeth).

Dental implants are fairly simple devices. They are basically titanium screws designed to be implanted in the jaw so that they can fuse with the jawbone so that a dental crown can be cemented to the other end (which protrudes from the gum tissue). When you go to an implant dentist, the surgery can usually be performed with local anesthesia and it normally takes less than an hour.

Then, of course, the jaw and gums will need time to heal, which can take as little as two months up to a year depending on the patient. After the healing is complete, the patient is fitted with a permanent crown on the abutment of the implant. When this is complete, you really cannot tell the difference between the dental implant and the patient’s other teeth.

Among other things, one of the many benefits of dental implants is that they require no special care. You will want to brush and floss them, as you do all of your teeth and you will need to visit us at Pope Dental for your regular cleanings and examinations, but there will be no extra care needed. And you can eat all of your favorite foods and enjoy your beautiful, complete smile again.

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