Mini Dental Implants

There is no question among dentists and patients that dental implants are one of the most successful and important additions to clinical dentistry in the entire history of dentistry. Since attaining FDA approval in 1976, millions of conventional-diameter implants have been placed, and their cumulative success rate of around 95 percent is impressive.
In the early 1990’s, some innovative practitioners started using small diameter implants (SDIs) for long-term use in situations with insufficient bone. These SDI implants were originally considered to be for transitional use only, but it soon became obvious that properly placed SDIs could be used long-term and received FDA approval.

These SDIs or “mini” implants have found great success in supporting full and partial dentures where bone loss has occured.  SDIs are also more affordable than conventional implants, easier to place, minimally invasive and a true service to those individuals with full and partial dentures.  Most often, these mini implants can be put into use right after placement.  This means more comfort, stability and enjoyment for the patient right from the start.