Sedation Dentistry Overview

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sedation dentistry

A Brief Overview of Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is most definitely a real thing, and it is estimated that an astonishing five to twenty percent of adults avoid the dentist, or only go when necessary because of it. This is why Dr. Scott Pope offers patients in our Walnut Creek, CA office the option for sedation dentistry.

What is it? Sedation dentistry is actually several things. Generally, it is the use of orally administered sedation that bring on a sense of complete relaxation or a general reduction in the severity of any dental anxiety. Rather than being a nervous wreck who jumps at the doctor’s slightest touch, those who opt for sedation dentistry typically relax, feel no fear or upset, and get much better dental results.

The benefits of sedation dentistry are substantial, so let’s take a few minutes to understand that they include more than just feeling relaxed about the appointment.

It boosts your pain threshold – Take just a moment to consider how you respond to dental treatment when you are dealing with an intense moment of dental anxiety. Often, just the slightest touch of a tooth or the idea of an injection causes a horrible response. With the use of sedation dentistry, though, you feel discomfort to a much lower degree. In fact, some people with dental anxiety end up needing no anesthesia during their treatment.

It saves money – Though asking for sedation dentistry can increase the price of the treatment, it tends to reduce your expenses on many other levels. For one thing, you may be able to have work done without the use of anesthetic – saving money. You also can have lengthier treatments done in a single visit, sparing you the expense of a second visit. You also save time, which many of us have to see in terms of money as well.

It makes the dentist able to provide superior results – Someone who cannot endure longer periods of time in a dental chair forces the dentist to work at top speed. With sedation dentistry, you are relaxed and comfortable, enabling the dentist to take the time needed to get it done to the very best of their skill.

It can make you more likely to get regular care – When someone starts to experience less anxiety about dental visits, they are more likely to book regular cleanings and checkups too. This means that you feel less dental anxiety over time and have teeth that are much healthier over the long term

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If you have questions about sedation dentistry and its many benefits, give us a call at our Walnut Creek, CA office at (925) 939-4989. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.