Our Walnut Creek Pope Dental Office Debunks Misconceptions about Invisalign

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misconceptions about Invisalign

Misconceptions About Invisalign

Since it is a fairly new innovation from orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry advances, Invisalign is still met with some doubt and skepticism by interested patients. There are common misconceptions about Invisalign that our Walnut Creek dentist’s would like to correct in order to present you with accurate information. Read more to debunk the Invisalign myths and see for yourself the benefits and advantages to this new procedure.

Invisalign is Just as Effective As Metal Braces

A typical misconception about Invisalign is that they do not permanently or effectively align the teeth like traditional braces do. In reality, Invisalign proves just as effective, if not more. The clear aligners use a pushing force to keep teeth in check, and the flexible yet durable material keeps your teeth where they need to be. The belief that Invisalign does not work as well may stem from the fact that they only need to be kept in for 12 months, as opposed to metal braces which can stay in for up to five years. This new technology is effective, and provides you with more comfort among the way.

Invisalign is Not More Expensive

As a new and innovative technology in the world of orthodontics, a lot of patients fear the heavy cost associated with this cosmetic service. Invisalign clear aligners are actually very affordable, and can cost the same or less than traditional braces. The cost of Invisalign covers aligners and aftercare retainers for continued oral health. Invisalign proves to be more cost effective as the treatments are simpler, more comfortable, and far more effective than traditional braces.

Invisalign Can Be Removed

A common misconception about Invisalign is that they can’t be removed from the mouth. This is untrue. Invisalign’s clear aligners can be removed for up to 2 hours a day for flexibility and comfort. If you need to brush your teeth, eat a big meal, or attend a special event, you may remove your Invisalign clear aligners for your living convenience.

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To learn more about Invisalign and to debunk more of its common misconceptions, contact our Pope Dental office in Walnut Creek, CA to connect with a dentist. Our clear aligner can greatly impact your overall health and leave you with a dazzling smile. Call us at 925-939-4989 to schedule a consultation today.