Advantages of Invisalign

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advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign, also known as clear braces and clear aligners, is a popular and new cosmetic dentistry procedure that can help to straighten teeth in a way that is different from metal braces. An Invisalign specialist can tell you all about the benefits of Invisalign, and that is what our Walnut Creek dentists are here to do. Read on to see the best advantages of Invisalign over metal braces, and think about investing in this orthodontics procedure for you or your child’s health today!

Invisalign is Comfortable

Clear braces are far more comfortable than their metal counterparts, as the Invisalign trays are removable and can be taken out for a small period at a time. One of the biggest advantages of Invisalign is that you do not have to rely on a visit to the dentist to have your braces straightened; with Invisalign, the power is in your own hands!

Invisalign Looks Amazing

One of our patients’ favorite advantages of Invisalign over metal braces is that the trays are almost undetectable while they’re being worn. This is because Invisalign makes use of clear aligners, making them far more attractive than other orthodontics appliances. You can even flash your natural smile in photographs without feeling self-conscious about having metal in your mouth.

Invisalign Works Quickly

While the clear braces are not magic, Invisalign tends to work a lot faster than metal braces do. Most patients only need Invisalign from 1 year to 1.5 years, making it a quick and easy way to achieve beautifully straightened teeth.

Invest in Invisalign with Us Today!

At Pope Dental, we can offer you many Invisalign options that can get your teeth looking and feeling great in no time. Feel free to reach out to our Walnut Creek dentists in person, or give us a call at (925) 939-4989 today! To learn more about the advantages of Invisalign, browse our website to familiarize yourself with the process!