Benefits of Dental Implants

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benefits of dental implants

Discover the Many Benefits of Dental Implants

Have you taken the time to seriously consider the many benefits of dental implants? At Pope Dental in Walnut Creek, CA, Dr. Scott Pope is among the dentists offering patients implant dentistry services that bring with them a host of impressive benefits.

Consider that there is esthetic, functional, oral health, and even the long-term benefits of dental implants that make them a wonderful aspect of restorative dentistry. Let’s consider some of the most important benefits of dental implants.

  • Their success rate. One of the worst myths about dental implants is that they are not all that reliable. In fact, their success rate stands at more than 95%! That means they are just as reliable as all other proven forms of dentistry, and they result in a fully functional tooth.
  • They serve an important, functional purpose. Of the many benefits of dental implants, their functionality has to rank highly. They are a full-blown replacement for a natural tooth. That means they replace both the roots and the crown. This guarantees that the natural teeth do not shift into the empty space left when the original tooth was lost. It means that the gum and jaw tissue will not shrink or weaken. It also means that they can continue to eat a full and healthy diet because the dental implants will work just like natural teeth.
  • They look convincingly natural. No one will guess that any implant is an artificial tooth. All dental implants are topped with a crown that is custom made to match the surrounding teeth. This keeps the bite aligned, but also gives the appearance of a full set of all natural teeth.
  • The benefits of implant dentistry also include cosmetic aspects too. When you lose permanent teeth, there is the risk that the jaw and gum tissue recede and that the facial tissue is altered. It might sag or collapse, aging you prematurely. They also allow you to speak and eat normally.
  • Their place in restorative dentistry means that they also restore the “bite”. When you lose a natural tooth, your entire bite might change. This means your jaws may not align naturally, causing everything from wear to the teeth to the development of conditions like TMJ!

Clearly, there are many, many benefits of dental implants. Treatment is not at all painful, and with the high success rate, you can be on your way to a restored and fully-functional smile in as little as a few month’s time.

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